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In the majority of schools are not allowed cell phones and people believe that mobile phone has a lot of disadvantages and in schools, cell phones are the cause of the disruption. You should possibly use of cell phones in schools as if, that no emergency situations parents can easily check their children. They should not be used during the lessons, but during the time that may. And also after school as if children have a transport problem, which can inform their parents. But you should stay in school after the end of teaching for all types of preparation, can notify the parents. But there are some schools that allow the phones for safety reasons. To reach parents, teachers or other members of the teaching staff of the school in an emergency. Emergencies can occur in the classroom. What do a child at the school in an emergency. There are currently many advances in the technology of mobile phones. AS the computer Sholud should now also taught, mobile Retated and students make thm on positive and negative effects. I believe that students should bring cell phones, while they do not change the class or distracted and not paying attention to do seize because, if it happens, the phone can teachers and students say, that you may not be in able to carry a cell phone at school. I believe that students should bring the right on a cell phone in school, because be. You have a responsibility. If not cause, the problems with the Crees provided because it is perhaps convenient for emergencies and even cell phones from school, or you will have no access to one and then think a phone to bring suitable also to help, could use the classes as a calculator or a flashlight. You must allow thus mobile phones. Yes, I agree with you < = but it is also that, what sexual harassment is called and people send private pictures are nude Pictres n people. Mobile phones are not in school, because if the students get bored, you could use them to play or other activities that distract from learning. In case of emergency by the family, teachers have a mobile phone and parents could call. Instead of the receiver, with the premise that the Rogue is looking for attention. Would be more logical to understand why you attention, either because need to make extreme readiness to violence access? Fighting for a girl at the door, sex rape, Moll, humiliation of teenager latrines, none of this is new. All these things were described in the books, magazines, blogs, films and particularly television shows date had a cell phone. The blame for this phone is rubbish. The logical answer was always psychological support, detention of young people or preventive and curative action. For the tobacco/censorship is censorship of it. It is less efficient and ignorant handle this. To say that it a problem, not with him. The students wear their phone in an emergency. But realistically only serious emergencies, to bring into the school forget clothes for the gym or eating on the day. Especially in my school, one slap happy tv elementary and middle schools, should not a phone, there is a telephone in every classroom, as by asking that master probably can use it, but with a personal mobile students we can always be, entertained and attempts to use them during class. I think that cell phones are a bad idea, to the school, because it is possible that the phone could lose and you go with your parents that you lost your phone. It will be really mad at you. The other bad thing, to bring mobile phones to school is that someone can steal and not returned. Also, the random people could call and talk to them. If your mobile phone has an annoying ringtone played in the class and the teacher can get away by Tower gave him. There are so many things that can go wrong, so I think that cell phones not on the campus are. If there is a crisis, you can telephone or a friend. There. .