Slap Happy Lion Roar

Type of comment: complaint the: 01/06/03, rest assured that any complaint at Food Lion, they will be considered false as managers and employees are looking for each other and the customer can take purchases elsewhere - certainly, as Food Lion cares on the client, only the bottom line - the next time to wait in line - its because the bottom has a little break his c. s. m. trim their horasEntonces when it comes to hurry! wait as cash at home! Signature: jackbull. Type of comment: praise presented at: comment 19/01/03: think everyone who complains about Food Lion should evaluate their opinions before they speak to continue sounding so ignorant. So you can not always agree to the price, but if it was for you, you do not pay anything for what they've found. In terms of hours of cutting and the price inflation during the seasons peak, making your child math. Some tourists to the beach means less revenue for the company. However the store must still keep each item on the shelf would be during the summer. What means to compensate for a loss, in particular those that take place in the perishable departments, must have a compensation for sometime. An increase in the loss of products and a reduction in the number of consumers are the same to close the deal. If you wish to file a complaint valid then do so, but if you know that it offers a solution to the problem. Signature: Withheld by request. Type of comment: complaint - Food Lion corporate presented the: 04/10/2003 comment praise - well seems to be one of the managers of the Gestapo in Food Lion, or nor not have no idea of this tactics managers in Food Lion to about 10 stores and I hope everyone stops. they believe has no right when you walk through its doors. I expressed my freedom of expression and M. Brian Tanner o. r. h. forbade wife and lifelong. I am a veteran and woman you have disability, so there is no need to show off how great Lions of food is! This is what you get with a foreign company - only everywhere, trampling the rights of employees and customers. You can keep shopping at these stores of coconut which I do not have, there are slap happy lion roar many other shops. I say close all Food Lion stores! Signature: Withheld by request. Type of comment: complaint - Food Lion corporate sent the: 04/10/2003 comment give me a break. Come to Hampton Roads food Lions. a lot of young professionals, with teeny bopper of ATMs. Edible hats stores in Leon, discriminate against older cashiers. all administrators to meet each other. If they complain about something to food lion Mr. Brian Tanner the h. r. accumulates here or you will ban for life. they discriminate against veterans and disabled people and trampling on rights - to employees and customers and think your way to every food lion. Give me a break! Signature: Withheld by request. Type of comment: complaint - Food Lion corporate sent the: 11/06/2003 to the right, my name is Brad Arthur and I am a student of 22 years, currently at the University of East Carolina. I have a problem with one of the Food Lion stores in my area. I found my right to be able to buy alcohol in Food Lion stores in my area except this. Unfortunately for me, this Food Lion is the closest store to me. You've been shopping at Food Lion for at least 4 years and they have been buying alcohol from April 16, 2002. My family has always been Food Lion customers until that date. Last year my brotherhood participated in fundraising allowed to form part of the Food Lion customer care organizations. It is my right as a citizen of the United States to buy alcohol. Not 21 years of age, and has been the subject of my attention that my rights are violated. I don't like the lack of respect, that gives your company a customer so devoted. I hope that this problem can be solved as soon as possible, so that it can legitimately treated by your company in the future. Signature: Brad Arthur. Type of comment: complaint - Food Lion incorporated date: 23/12/2003, which considers an incident (claim #: GCC415091) in your Food Lion store in Gaffney, SC #63. I rec had a letter from risk management in October 25, 2003, stating that, when I got to the store they have found no evidence of negligence on his part, nor its employees, so it does not feel is your responsibility to pay my doctor or the medical bills or any claim in this regard. I have to disagree. I think that you or someone should review this situation and re-evaluate everything carefully. I talked to my lawyer, and if it was negligence from someone, or not, you are responsible for all the medical bills with respect to this incident because I did not fall within his tent. Signature: Betty W. Martin,. .