Slap Happy Hip Hoppers

Perhaps the 1 13 Ciara-future-1 DJ Khaled, he not loves you is more a reflection of the time than we thought. 2014 was a year for his greatest hits, old-school meetings and a lot of drama. Love was insistent the disappearance of couple Golden hop, Jay Z and Beyonce or public disorder, report i. t. with tiny, very much in the air in the world of rap this year. For each French wedding mountain/GQ/Verknupfungs or Kanye West Kim Kardashian, we saw wedding or sell the rumors about sad and benefits during the master P Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon of his own House. But with the news of the future and Ciara soar Zahir commitment - and this is on the heels of yesterday just a few months after the birth of her daughter, the future separation Tyga and BLAC Chyna-it seems that love and hip hop is just a reality show. With the love they are not in the air here nine reports of hip-hop, which ended this year. Don't forget to send roses. French Montana KhloeTrina and TrinaFrench and Trina have apparently were so severe, that the two lived together this year in New Jersey. It is derived from the French l. a. moved soon to work in his excuse my French addendum and Khloe Kardashian met, was apparently out of her divorce from former the Lamar Odom NBA player themselves. Since then, had two clubs and restaurants across the country has been sighted until confirming their relationship in recent weeks Trina finally smoking on lost love. Big Sean Naya seemed then latest album is fun for this young couple with, including many declarations of love and happiness (although it has dedicated a song, Ashley, his ex-girlfriend in the long run), finally famous, big Sean and Naya RiveraEverything. But things occurred in April meets after rumors of fraud of pages and a lot of finger, Sean, his commitment after only six months. Rumors flew from there - be a member of the cast of glee, he had cheated, occupies the Rivera, which prove to be released, was set, but the real blow came last month, when Rivera is married, it would have been the same day and the same costume as he had planned, with Sean choir co-star Ryan Dorsey. Tiffney CambridgeThis 1 game became a long saga of dangerous and sad, which adopted the long. Then called their commitment after commitment, then get back together and in recent years the wheels seemed completely several times April this year in Cambridge for a measure injunction against former soldiers of G-Unit relationship with Tiffney Cambridge after an accusation of domestic violence reports. Game has written an open letter, stating that he left to see his children and Cambridge said in a video interview as who plays the tragic drama in public. Rihanna-Drake-take care of Drake and RihannaThe, take the two superstars on the dates and the hands, while the part was allegedly seen at the beginning of the year, but they have their own ways can after many battles due to Drake to be in love with her, according to US Weekly. I'm in and out of the power of a few years and both have busy agendas, leaving Defender again as any other movement see, only a few hours in advance. But now, they live apart. Mase Mase Twyla and Twyla BethaThis has been a long time coming. Two years later, the separada-juntos couple since 2001 - completed their divorce in June with nursery, past Twyla. That came after his Church called Mase to preach, while his own around he broke the marriage and secular life of lifestyle. Months before the divorce of my $ and also apparently Twyla its services through a DUI. Perhaps the couple some of his marriage should have read books help? Karlie Redd-young Joc JOC young and RobinsonWould of Alexandria is fairly easy to see coming here, if you're a regular viewer of love & hip hop Atlanta. JOC and his wife separated in February, but since the rapper in Atlanta Karlie Redd continued the reality show with his new girlfriend to see (picture above) and its relationship with the world, Robinson in July with adultery as an officer of the dissolution of the marriage couple 13 years reason filed for divorce. Lesson learned? The report, which seemed that it was Chris Brown Karrueche Chris Brown and the infinity of TranIt Karrueche. How many times you have you together again? It is difficult to keep track of them. But even after TRANS offers through his prison this year and he repeated to his flirtations with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Brown would have abandoned their car or girls this month. Soon, the blame with TRANS called immature, as a child, while parts Brown with claims raised that trans send photos to other types of had, while the two followed together. Avoid gave interviews about their relationship. Chyna-BLAC-Tyga Tyga BLAC ChynaNo what do think about this couple, rupture, announced yesterday, is very sad. The two seemed to be really in love with each other and especially slap happy hip hoppers those who do not have an incredibly adorable baby, King Cairo, even two years. Finally the first coming together in 2011, is dedicated to the couple, only rumors of infidelity in your relationship in recent months to undermine. Even before a couple of months of Tyga Chynas honor, BLAC Chyna in the track and Tyga defended a war hot asking words and Diss record with first year XXL Durk Lil, after Durk launched a nonoffending side to uninstall it. Ah, another is there. Ciara-future and West is really dead, people. A few months after the birth of their child, the rumors about cheating and infidelity to Ciara break its commitment for the future after 10 months. This has for Ciara, in an interview with E! talking about it was as excited for his upcoming wedding last month. Not even like and not? We truly believe in the latter. Montana-Montana GQ French and French law, other KardashianThat of Khloe Kardashian. After his separation from Lamar Odom, Khloe looked for a good hour and exactly the right person to do it was French-cool since its separation from Trina. The two, one filmed music video all were discovered in clubs in Los Angeles and New York and she seemed very happy until they called ended in early September. Bad luck for the Frenchman, who very well and not Khloes could accept decision to cancel things. MariahCarey NickCannon Mariah Carey and Nick CannonIt is always sad when children are involved, primarily because they are twins. But in August, Cannon confirmed that the couple, who married in 2008, separated, lived for months before officially divorce. Rumours was less happy Mariah Cannon talks about her sex life in a radio interview, and therefore is more with the kids at home. But certainly we slightly, as Carey Cannon, with an order of silence surrounding the situation apparently strangled. Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa-amber and amber rose RoseThis hurts. TMZ reported today that Amber after a year of marriage, divorce of Wiz. The couple have a son together, named Sebastian and really looked like they were in love. But nothing lasts forever and cold November rain. So far: Amber rose is version Damien Wiz entries in history by Jay Z and Beyonce divorced BreakupsMaster P loses custody of their four KidsFuture and Ciara UpT break. Reacts I. Floyd Mayweather has claimed that he slept with lowercase letters,.