Slap Happy Achievement

Spoiler warning! This list contains characters and missions, which comes a spoiler in consideration. This is a list of all quests in the game. She organized by donors, but at the store, some of them can be a bit dismissed. If you have corrections, please let me know. More quests are marked with a yellow exclamation point on your card and the mini map, so easy to find to start the search. All the missions in a single solution is must-see - operation normal or real-Hunter-Depot. Fill half of them reach is not slap happy achievement a solution and then the other half on the other. To my knowledge, they are also a sign. I know none of the missions is important. If the missions have failed, try to return to the NPC. If the missions are locked, it means that the giver of search history is indisposed due to continuous history (or quit) and they are. To my knowledge, the creature killing missions are not forced to do so, because it is the prior order of DLC. Finally, please note that you need to promote the main story missions ahead. If the employer does not provide screening, more, how long it will be available. Note: some characters of the failure of the missions of the games are guilt, known for several reasons. Some missions are powerful Rangers glitchier medical mystery and learn that you know Jack. The only solution I can suggest is to do these exercises early in the game by someone else. If anyone knows of mission failure solutions, let me know. The Southern Plateau. .