Happy Slap 50p Lil

The objective of a price change at least the very small cost of drinks in shops and supermarkets would be sold. It should influence the price of drinks in bars. The Ministry of the Interior has declared that the query, drinker was dangerous and irresponsible. A spokesman said: If you enjoy a drink or two, you have nothing to fear from our proposals. At least 45%, which would mean one can sell more not for less than £1. 56 and a bottle of wine under 4 pounds. Twenty-two studies of the University of Sheffield, the Government showed that at least 45% would reduce the consumption of alcohol 4. 3 percent less than 2 000 dead and 66 000 hospitalizations after 10 years. The number of crimes drop and 24 000 per year, and researchers suggested. Notes there is on some points of sale of alcohol in loss to encourage, go to visitors through the doors with cans of beer cider 20 p and two-liter bottles are available for less than £2. These practices, fault, that's what the call has been nicknamed, where excessive people before Ministers were especially critical. That you have linked this phenomenon to raising the level of hospital admissions related to alcohol and violence, including more than 1 million annually. But the idea of introducing a minimum price originally proposed to 40 per cent in the Government published alcohol strategy meeting in the opposition of Mars in the industry. The Scottish Government has been controversial legal basis of the Scotch Whisky Association and the plan of European spirits organization, scheduled for April, 2013. They argued that also says up to Westminster, Holyrood, more than a problem to decide and was inconsistent with the General principles of the European Union on free trade and competition is not distorted. Legal challenges were heard at the session of the Court in Edinburgh, last month, and a verdict is expected before the end of the year. Separately, the European Commission examines the legality of acts of the Scottish Government. In Northern Ireland, but it has less attention of not price but no final decision has yet taken. Andrew Opie, the British Retail Consortium, said: believes that the majority of the retailers main controls of minimum prices and promotions are very unfair comments. Only punish perfectly responsible drinkers, the happy slap 50p lil majority, not all are irresponsible to reduce consumption. The Government must acknowledge the role of personal responsibility. It should not interfere in the market, prices and offers the standard approach to health policy rules. Thousands Beale, Chief Executive of the wine and spirits Trade Association, agreed that no evidence that alcoholic strength minimum prices would be effective in the fight against alcohol abuse there was. At first glance, seems little difference between the lowest unit price 45 by alcohol are now proposed and presented to the figure of 40 p this year. But in terms of consumption and of Penal and health costs, the change is significant. Hereby the University of Sheffield, lowering consumption 45 p 4. 3% - one more effect 75% would be 40 p. The effect is almost two times greater in comparison with the deaths over a period of 10 years. At least 45 p will save approximately 2. life 000 compared less 1 200 for 40 p. Crime also has twice. But what the research shows, as Scotland - is also a minimum price of 50 p to p 5 other an effect similar to see increase, is why activists have pushed for more information. Another area of interest and possible disputes is the effect on moderate drinkers. Research indicates that a minimum price of 45 p also affects their habits of purchasing, reduction of 2. 3%. It is greater than the reduction of the orgy of so-called drinkers hazardous drinkers youth opportunity to be seen. Why are we so sick? But health activists believe that a minimum price is an important step in the fight against the problem of alcohol consumption. Dr Vivienne Nathanson, the British Medical Association, said that price changes stop binge drinking by young people can help. He told the BBC: alcohol is a poison, h more babies, it caused more damage, which drink the amount of dose-dependent, more than the safety limit, help you to save. There is a small minority of the population who drink too much, almost one-quarter. It is drinking levels that represent a danger to their health, a large number of people, and we need to pull all of that (il), to save lives. Eric Appleby, Chief Executive of alcohol concern, said: we are paying a very high price for the abuse of alcohol and a minimum price per unit of set will help us on the way to change this. But we can not the misery caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol, cut, if it attacks or hospitalization, only in price. The authorities and the police must provide stricter controls on licenses, local all the tools that you need, to get a firm grip on how alcohol is sold in your area. We have the opportunity, a big difference in the lives of thousands of people to us, Iran Minister powers global are to meet Ministers of six global powers waiting its first full as the session date looms with the Minister over the Iranian nuclear program and,. .